About Us


We strive to deliver INSPIRATION through finds that will evoke your EMOTIONS and indulge your senses so you can awaken your INDIVIDUALITY.



Nope, it’s not about fashion (though we love it!). A mission shall carry passion and ours is reserved for families and those that create it. We want to encourage each individual’s lifestyle and uniqueness while providing value with high-quality products and that’s why our bestseller is inspiration.

Our goal is to reach different places cultivating world finds and making them accessible to You! Inspiring you to wear or display them as you live passionately, bold and fearlessly.



As we write this “Our Story” section, I can hear my daughter trying her best to make her “abuela” understand that her little brother is misbehaving. He’s whining, as usual, and the TV is blasting with some YouTube video that our oldest son is watching; all while their “anne” keeps the kitchen sink open. And of course, abuela doesn’t even flinch and anne finishes her dishes. Abuelo usually tries to figure out what’s going on, but he is at work. It’s all background noise at this point and doesn’t matter how much she insists; my kids’ Spanish is…different…hey at least I try! As for their Turkish skills … “dada” doesn’t even attempt.

But that’s us, in a nutshell, and somehow we ALL manage to live together. Despite the crazy, mischievous and slightly confusing daily routine, my favorite place to be is right in the heart of it all, a place I like to call home.

You might be asking yourself “how we got here?” And it’s quite common for most people: school (degree), work (experience), love (family) creating our own life and uniqueness in it all. The opportunity of Thrill Finds is a choice we made to develop and share with you. We certainly hope to inspire your individuality as we go on this journey.